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Feeling stressed?

You're not alone.

I've always had a racing mind. Growing up, I figured it was normal. Everyone is stressed, clearly it's a natural part of life,

This is where I was WRONG. Stress is real and a reality of living but being stressed is another thing. Being stressed is a choice. Think about it... if the train is late, you're going to be late whether you relax and read a book or go through every scenario in your brain of how this delay is going to impact your day.

We're taught to put ourselves through the latter and it's having negative effects on us physiologically, mentally, and emotionally! Now, in 2017, we're having more stress than ever. We have technology constantly at our fingertips, media coverage 24/7, and an expectation to be available and producing content at all times. We've developed a mindset that stress equates to success and if you aren't stressed out at the end of the day, you weren't productive enough that day.

Through my own personal journey of losing over 140 lbs with Multiple Sclerosis, I began to see patterns of how stress drastically impacted my health. Growing up as a morbidly obese person, I was always told that, in order to lose weight, it was just diet and exercise. I tried for DECADES to succeed, trying every diet plan available, working with personal trainers, and only seeing minimal success. Once I would plateau for awhile, I'd get frustrated. Who wants to put in all their effort and not have results? It would frustrate me to no end and I'd fall back on old coping mechanisms - specifically binge eating.

After years of trial and error, sickness, traveling, soul searching, and reconnecting with my authentic self, I feel confident in telling you: For some of us, it's not just diet and exercise. For some of us, it comes down to stress. 

That includes the stress in your mind but also the stress that you put on your body and it's time to stop allowing ourselves to continue down a path that doesn't make you feel happy and healthy.

If you've come to this page - there's a reason. Whether you're struggling with weight loss, chronic illness, or maybe you're just having a hard time building up motivation to go after the life you desire, I'm happy you found yourself here.

Stress management coaching is an integrative practice that focuses on building the muscle in the brain to help you combat stress. I work with my clients and teach workshops on how to do tangible exercises that will help create balance between the mind and body so that you can effectively lose weight, hit your goals, and reduce or eliminate symptoms of a chronic illness.    

Just like you have the choice to stress, you have the choice to feel better! If this sounds like you, contact me today for a complimentary session to see if mindset coaching is a good fit for you!






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